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The Golden Telescope - eBook

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A murderous plot by a magical cabal. Three orphan siblings. One reluctant 12-year-old hero.

When an organization known as The Dark Cabal aims to manipulate time, controlling life on Earth, 12-year-old Jack Mac Paidin and his best friend, Bart Flanagan, may be the world's only hope.

In this thrilling introduction to Tracy Partridge-Johnson's Jack and the Magic Hat Maker series, this group of evil sorcerers is after him and his siblings, and they'll stop at nothing to control their powers. Though Jack's parents were killed in an auto collision, and he hasn't seen his brother or sister for nine years, a chance encounter with a golden telescope reveals that he has latent magical powers. With the fate of the world at stake, Jack must summon all of his courage and strength to stop The Dark Cabal. As he travels through time and battles terrifying foes, Jack is oblivious to the true extent of his powers. Can he overcome the odds and reunite his family, or will The Dark Cabal succeed in their sinister plan?

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