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Danielle and The Zero Gravity Suit

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Life on the homestead is hard work. Danielle helps the family grow food, chop firewood, and entertain busloads of tourists on their way to Denali National Park. Her not-so-ordinary life is turned upside down when she discovers an air creature is living in their wood pile. These newly discovered creatures can only be seen by dusting powdered sugar over their bodies. They gobble up the sugar, but for a moment, you can see them. The creature that lives in her wood pile is acting strangely, even for an air creature. It blasts out lifting gas a thousand times more powerful than helium.

Danielle and her family investigate this strange phenomenon and capture some of the gas. Despite their best intentions and safety protocol things get out of control in Danielle and The Zero Gravity Suit. Danielle finds herself, twenty-five thousand feet in the air, fighting for survival.
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