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AZN Unified font

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Thank you for trusting your projects to my fonts, I really appreciate it, I wish you success on your projects.

What's included inside this $15 AZN Unified font package :

- 1 Unified font with 4 styles ( Unified Regular, Unified Oblique/Italic, Unified Sans-Regular, Unified Sans-Oblique )

License: Standard License

You May :

5 Computers Installation
Unlimited Personal and Commercial Projects
Use for product (print/merch/sale) for sale up to 5000 prints/merchandises/sales
Use for Digital Ads in any social media up to 10.000 impressions/month
Use for 1 Website up to 10.000 views/month
Use for a logo with the standard License term

You May Not :

Use font for Broadcast
Use for Cinema/Motion Picture
Embed font files in app/game/e-pub
Trademark the logo . Please purchase a Trademark Logo License for trademarking your logo

Available licenses : Standard License, Extended License, Webfont License Unlimited, E-pub License, Social Media Content creator License, App/Game/Server License, Broadcast/Movie License, Corporate License.

Please contact me if you want to upgrade your license or if you need a custom License, let's discuss it ( I'm a very fast responding person :D )

Thank you once again.
You will get a ZIP (73KB) file