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Get Going Again - Build & Maintain Your Motivation

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Why do I feel so lazy?”

These days, after the past years of shutdown, fear, isolation, and confusion, it’s easy to still feel a lack of energy—even for the fun things of life. 

Is this you:

  • You wake up with the same sluggishness day after day with zero motivation and no energy for even the daily tasks and activities.
  • You feel bad that you’re so “lazy”—not getting the important stuff done.
  • You become overwhelmed with even the simplest of tasks.

The struggle to get up, get going, and stay committed to the day’s plans and activities is real! You may still feel the effects emotionally, financially, physically, or spiritually of the intense difficulties of the pandemic. 

It is especially tough if you have always been “high achieving” or ‘high energy.”  Now, you face the excruciating pain of doing little or nothing, feeling blah. You don't feel like yourself.

And you don't know how to rise above the feelings and take action.

Without a way through, you will:

  • Continue to feel overwhelmed by all of life with no plan to move forward.
  • Stay stuck in your sluggishness, plodding along your day with zero energy
  • Struggle without the motivation to get you to the joy of life, hopeful for the future.
You don't have to continue feeling overwhelmed by how to stop feeling "de-motivated." You can build your motivation to take back your life focused on a plan—even when you don’t “feel” like it!

In this four-session series, you will:
  1. Discover why you may consistently feel unmotivated.
  2. Create a simple plan to get on track and stay on track even when situations, circumstances, and distractions try to keep you down.
  3. You will be with a group of women on the same journey to support, encourage and inspire you to feel motivated again.

This is a live, virtual course.

We start Thursday, July 13. We'll meet every Thursday through Aug 3.

Each session starts promptly at 7:00 p.m. and ends at 9:00 p.m. 

We will meet via Zoom. 


Week 1 – Jul 13 - Motivation—what it is, isn't, and where it comes from. You aren’t lazy!

Week 2 – Jul 20 – Why you cannot take action. You can get back to what's important!

Week 3 – Jul 27– Create a plan to get clear and focused on building motivation for the energy you need to move forward!

Week 4 – Aug 3   Next steps to energize and empower you to maintain your motivation for the days ahead.

$199 - You can download your printable workbook when you register.

  BONUS: A 45-minute coaching session--through July-- to further your journey to staying on track

The days ahead--who knows what they will bring. You can be ready, stay ready and thrive in any season when you know how to maintain momentum--motivated to finish strong!
You will get a PDF (669KB) file
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