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Georgy's Botanical Stamp Brush

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Hello creative head! 😎 A new product is now available for you, Botanical Stamp Brush Set. This pack is something that I started working on a month back while doing one of the projects. Wanted to save time so make some of the elements into a stamp brush, and then decided to make a set out of the elements to help you guys save some time too! 

This brush set includes 43 Brushes. 42 botanical elements, with bold and light strokes and 1 inking brush that you can use to add weight to the elements once used, or for coloring, or for any other purpose you'd like.

Tip : Use warp and distort tools to tweak the brushes and use the inking brush to fix any twisted areas.

Please note: These brushes will only work in the Procreate App. You’ll need a zip file opener to open this file.

Please rate and add a review to the product once you.

Have FUN! 😄🎉
You will get a ZIP (48MB) file
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