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Highball and Chain, Bourbon Street Bad Boys' Club Book 2 - Audiobook

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Audiobook narrated by Aaron Shedlock & Virginia Rose, delivered by Book Funnel.

Enzo Marchionni is New Orleans’ hottest chef, the middle child in a mafia family, and the recipient of an unwanted gift…an arranged marriage.

How in the heck can he tie the knot with a spoiled mob princess when all he can think about is the woman he pushed away?

If Enzo were any other man, the answer would be simple—convince the girl of his dreams he deserves a second chance. However, it’s not that easy when following his heart could put himself, and everyone he loves, in danger.

Shanna Isaac is a wannabe private investigator, with a case load of cheating spouses, and a horrible track record with men. When her best friend asks her to be maid of honor, Shanna agrees…even if that means spending time with The Ghoster, the man who dumped her like a bad Tinder date, just when she started to believe in happily ever-afters.

Unfortunately, every bad decision has consequences. It turns out Shanna and Enzo’s almost-relationship might have started a mob war. Her only hope is to accept protection from the one man who could destroy her.

If she can’t trust him with her heart. How in the heck can she trust him with her life?

Highball and Chain is a humorous enemies to lovers, second chance romance filled with slow-burn goodness, serious groveling, and five delicious Italian brothers--who want nothing more than to leave the "family business" behind them.

Each book can be read separately though they are best enjoyed when read in series order:

  • Absinthe Minded
  • Highball & Chain
  • Single Malt Drama
  • Hot Momosa
  • Gin & Trouble
  • Jack on the Rocks (Coming Soon)

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