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Audiobook narrated by Gary Furlong, Distributed by BookFunnel

Sometimes, the best way to overcome differences — is to embrace them.


Nothing is more important than family. Someday I’ll have my own, if I can ever find the right guy. For now, I'm concentrating on my career and a promotion. That is until my company hires a hot-shot with the right credentials to snag the position. 

I should resent him, but Tadhg Byrne is talented. And gorgeous. And though my ASL is pitiful, it means I’m the most “qualified” colleague to partner with him. Or so my boss says. So I guess I’m about to do myself out of a job. 


After a nasty breakup with my manipulative ex, I returned home to Seattle to lick my wounds. I’m done with relationships. From now on I’m focusing on my career.

There are just a few issues with that.

1. It’s not that easy for a Deaf man to succeed in a Hearing world, even with the right degree and experience.

2. Quinn MacDougall—my good-natured coworker. He’s incredibly talented, driven, and distractingly handsome.

3. Quinn’s Hearing. And that’s the biggest problem of all. How can someone who isn’t Deaf ever truly understand and accept me?

Embrace Me is a low-medium angst, contemporary MM romance about language barriers, loving but demanding families, crappy bosses, and sexy guys in speedos. It contains no cheating, and a guaranteed Happily Ever After.

Content Warning:

This book contains brief mentions and short instances of gaslighting behavior, mental manipulation, mental abuse, and family abandonment by one parent.

There are explicit sexual scenes between two consenting adult men.

If any of this is distressing, please skip this novel. Your well being is important!

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1 week ago

sucked me in

I love this series. The characters are nicely developed to the point that you care what happens to them and can't wait to see what is next. It's a bit spicy/saucy, and a whole lot of fun to read. One of my markers of a good book was did it make me laugh - yep - out and out startled my husband with an unflattering barking laugh that for him came out of nowhere! Hoping the last two books in the series go to audio book soon. It has been a fabulous listen as I have a long commute. Thank you Beck Grey for such a fun story.