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SIGNED - Liquor & Laundry

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Hadassah Ibrahim’s high school crush is in town for his little brother's graduation and she is avoiding him like it’s her job.

The last time she saw Ahmad Williamson, she drank too much and spent the night on her knees in his hotel room doing things that still make her blush and cover her face with shame. The last thing she wants to do is relive that humiliating moment. She’d much rather spend the evening at her family’s laundromat; sweeping and mopping the floor as she reconsiders her life choices.

Ahmad Williamson is certain that Hadassah doesn’t remember that night the same way he does. 
And he’s spent every night since last summer wishing one of them had been brave enough to call. Was it just a fling for her? Was all that flirting she’d done over the years just a joke?

Confessions slip from lips and clothes hit the floor in Liquor & Laundry.
  • high school crush
  • #BlackRomance
  • jerked chicken wings
  • steamy laundromat make out sessions
  • dirty talkin’ hero!