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A New Way to Hope, PDF e-Book

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A New Way to Hope, PDF e-Book
Stories That Describe the Journey to Hope

“Dr. Bill, I know I’m not going to win this battle with cancer. Can you teach me how to die?” 

What is it about this stage in life that calls us to seek instruction?

I have come to discover that the real issue is not the event called death but the ongoing journey prior to death that we call dying. Everyone has their own unique journey with dying. It is in that final  stage in a person’s life that I have had the privilege of knowing and giving care to my clients.

This is a series of true stories, from my files. These are the shared voices of people who would find a new way to hope. A hope that would empower them to embrace the mystery of living meaningfully and purposefully until they died. And the story of one who could not.

“No, Sam. But I am prepared to work with you so that you will find a hope to live with, until you die.”


Dr. Stephenson’s career as a counselor to persons diagnosed with life-threatening illness, and to those struggling with complicated grief, was successful because of his commitment to the whole person. 

He assisted more than 400 people who asked him to provide counseling as they came to the end of life. This care also included a commitment to his client’s family and significant others for at least one year after their death. 

Now retired, he continues to teach and speak on behalf of those who struggle with this drama of dying. He has written three books on recovery from grief and loss.
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