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Painting the Past: A Guide for Writing Historical Fiction Ebook

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Meredith Allard shares her insight drawn from her extensive experience as an author and editor. I loved that she writes with humor and shares compelling anecdotes that make each part of the book engaging. Painting the Past by Meredith Allard is a thorough, insightful guide for historical fiction writers. It shows that writing books in this genre can be a fun and rewarding process. I found this book to be an amazing resource that is well-written in all aspects.

~Readers' Favorite

More than just another 'how to write' manual, Painting the Past eschews formula approaches and gently coaches historical fiction writers on a range of strategies proven to produce exceptional results. No historical fiction writer should be without this...even those who have already published books.

~Midwest Book Review

Allard's writing is lively and conversational. Reading this book is much like having coffee with a friendly mentor (bring your own coffee) who imparts a lot of wisdom through anecdotes, examples, and inspirational quotes. This book is a must have for any writer thinking of working in this genre.

~San Francisco Book Review

An excellent guide to writing historical fiction.

~Mary, NetGalley

I found Allard's voice down to earth, the tips useful for anyone, and was pleased to know that I'm on the right track with what I'm already doing. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone interested in writing historical fiction.

~Michelle, NetGalley

Do you want to write historical fiction?

Join Meredith Allard, the executive editor of The Copperfield Review, the award-winning literary journal for readers and writers of historical fiction, as she shares tips and tricks for creating believable historical worlds through targeted research and a vivid imagination.

Give in to your daydreams. Do the work. Let your creativity loose into the world so you can share your love of history and your passion for the written word with others.
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