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Heather Monroe vs Delilah Doom

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cription:I'm The Best! (Squeeze; KO ENDING)
In “I'm the Best” new girl to the UWW mats Delilah Doom calls out the ever smug Heather Monroe as being in effect a bully, something which unfortunately for her only causes her to get her ass kicked by Heather and knocked out cold by the time everything is over with! She may want to choose her words, and for that matter whom she challenges, a lot more carefully after this encounter!
Prior to getting humbled by Heather, Delilah is pretty fiery! She comes at her blonde opponent who is casually lounging on the ropes in one of the corners, and lights into her for being a hypocrite! She hears her talk about girl empowerment preaching, but she sees that as nothing more than bullshit! All she does to her is lift herself up in reality!
Surprisingly enough, Delilah doesn't even try to deflect this! She knows full well she is a villain, but she is the best UWW coulda picked! Having said that, she tells Delilah to turn her ass around and get out of “her house”! Given what followed, this might have been the best course of action for her, but she's not about to run! She demands respect from Heather! Furthermore, she tells her to come down off those ropes, the pedestal if you will on which she sits above Delilah, and treat her as an equal woman to her!
Naturally, the admitted bad girl refuses this, making it clear she feels Delilah is far beneath her! Delilah at this again takes shots at her girl power rhetoric, questioning how she can talk all that and still act like she is right now! She cares only for herself! Heather tries to rationalize it all by saying she works to kick ass daily and empower herself, and after she says it, Delilah again dares her to come down and try and beat hers, to face her like a woman. She actually even goes beyond that, trying to Coerce her off if she won't come off on her own! This finally gets Heather to take her challenge, getting off her perch to actually wrestle.
Once she does come down, everything changes fast for Delilah! Following a brief technical wrestling exchange consisting of go behinds, wrist and hammerlocks, Heather, despite her insisting that she doesn't cheat before they locked up, grabs at Delilah's hair to gain an upper hand on her. She won't lose the advantage much at all from this moment on!
Heather takes that small opening, even if she had to cheat to get it, and proceeds to torment Delilah! She kicks at her on the mat, drives her Fisst into the small of her back, uses the ropes to **** her, stomps at her and uses her boot to **** her in the corner, and puts her in a camel clutch, followed by a chin lock ****.
Delilah does manage to break out of the **** with elbows to Heather's stomach, and uses the momentum from that to get her into the corner and hit a running body splash on her there. However, she makes a mistake when she tries to hit a second one in the corner opposite to that one, as Heather is able to move out of the way.
This leads to further stomping and boot **** from a now highly angry Heather, more hell bent than ever on proving a point to the spunky and purple haired Delilah. After she's satisfied with the damage done there, she takes her head and rams it into the turnbuckle, setting her up to take two consecutive running butt splashes (one with a cartwheel showing off her athleticism, trying to rub in just how far above everyone else she is). She pins her now down and out opponent following the second one, but she's not done with her just yet!
Wanting to inflict just a bit more punishment on Delilah as a consequence for all the Crud she talked before this match began, she picks her up off the mat and gives her a brutal backbreaker, making sure to wrench her over her knees after she brings her down across them just to exacerbate the pain.
Incredibly, somehow after this Delilah finds the wherewithal to fire off a few kicks to Heather's side from the ground, catching the official winner a bit off guard! She's caught off guard enough in fact, that Delilah is able to take her to the mat and apply a leg lock on her! It appears Delilah even though she lost the match, may win the war here!
However, Heather puts a stop to that in a hurry, raking at her eyes to get her to let go of her. Really really wanting to Coerce home her point about her superiority now after this, she goes back to the camel clutch submission hold, adding to it with a bang by dropping her butt across her back when she lets it go. Delilah begs for mercy here, but it really doesn't even matter with the match long over!
A stomp to the midsection comes next, as Delilah lay there breathing heavy while Heather taunts her about how she doesn't need her to quit since she's already won and shown herself to be clearly better than her. Delilah is barely even conscious by now. She manages to stagger to her feet, but she only can do so by grabbing at Heather's legs. She's like the punch Having fun boxer who really is **** on her feet. She fires off one final weak punch to Heather that does connect, but barely, and Heather responds with her own that finally puts her out of her misery for good. Delilah goes down to her knees, and a stomp to her back puts her out completely.
Delilah had a lot of energy going into this fight, but sadly for her once it started, to reference her name, she was doomed. She isn't even close to being in Heather's league, and Heather proved it without a shadow of a doubt! She may want to think about being more like her down the line....cause playing the good girl only served to get her destroyed in this one!
Classic bad girl Squeezes good girl match here! Good one for fans of the villain beating up the babyface!
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