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Customized Flexi Tie (Tie included don't buy both!)

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What you are buying is to pay me to customize the knot (and or last segment of tie if you wish)

You need to provide me the file or a link I can access to the file you wish to have embossed.

the file must be a solid single color background (white preferred) with simple black and white (or color is ok if it does not have shading) file that I can convert into a 3D object and them "emboss" onto the tie for you

this listing INCLUDES THE TIE so don't buy both. $4 for the tie $6 for the service. I will then make you a custom knot and or bottom tie segment with that image "embossed" into the tie. you want clear simple images and symbols. if you send me a paragraph of text you probably won't be able to read it !!! remember your printers resolution and the size of a tie knot. look at my examples to see.

you will get the tie right away and then I will customize the knot for you and send the STL file to you (include an email address) the pricing is $9.50+ meaning you can change the price to be higher. if you want another symbol or two add a couple bucks and include that in your message to me.

You will get a ZIP (5MB) file