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Napz will be released on Nov 29. This is just a placeholder with a bit more information and the pattern will automatically update on Nov 29.

Note from SFS - I hadta edit some of The Boss' long borin splanations so mine are in talics and you can just skip to them. As usual don't narc on me.

It was designed by Sharon From Security to use your Holiday sets and some fairly laxin knittin so you can multi-task and and get in your 22 hours of nappin per day. You can also nap on it when you're done, DUH. It's a semi-mystery knit since we don't want to spoil any surprises but we do describe it and Sharon did a rough painting of it in the placeholder.

The pattern also requires one skein of either a mohair in a neutral or complimentary color to your sets (cream and a silvery gray tend to match most things or a light fingering weight yarn in a neutral (or whatever) color. Suri Alpaca etc. is just fine. You can contact the dyer for suggestions on a color or just randomly grab a couple of your colors and go from there. Even if they're secret - just rewrap them *or smear them with tunafish and chew on them.*

Directions are given for two blankets (for 20 and 24 minis), a shawl, and a scarf. The pattern consists of 4 repeating stitch sections with small mohair dividers separating them. The throw blankets will be 40-48" long (row gauges will vary with 4 different stitch patterns) and 36" wide. Shawl will be 70-78" long. You can get away with no dividers for the shawl and scarf and just knit the sections continuously.

Or, just trust us and come have some fun cos I MIGHT be offerin vice for the New Year if I get nuff naps in AND IF I GET FED IN THE TIRE MONTH OF CEMBER! - SFS
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