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Behr's Rebel featuring Raia's Pets: Marastin Dow Book 2 (Paperback)

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Raia's Pets: Friends from other worlds… 

Although Raia Glossman is human, she only remembers one world—the alien one where she was raised by her Tearnat Guardian, Ander Rays. Her love for exploration and new discoveries comes from Ander.  

While on a quest to find the perfect birthday gift, she instead finds two very unusual, and powerful, furry friends. Now all she has to do is explain to her Tearnat guardian why they should be allowed to stay despite his ‘no pets’ policy!  

Chummy, a Quazin Chumloo, is a rare species with powerful abilities that few know about. Captured by poachers, he is rescued from certain death by the inquisitive and equally talented Pi. Unfortunately, not even Pi has the ability to completely free him.  

Pi, a Marica Peekaboo, loves the marketplace. It is a treasure trove of goodies to eat and wonderful shiny objects to steal. With each new arrival, she finds something unique to add to her hidden collection of stolen goods—including Chummy and a strange alien girl named Raia. 

Three very different worlds collide, and freedom for an entire species is at stake. Can a friendship forged in a back alley be powerful enough to survive an immense alien universe where danger lurks at every turn? 

Behr's Rebel: Two battles: One fights for a cause; the other fights for survival...

General Behr De’Mar, leader of the Marastin Dow rebel forces, knows that it is only a matter of time before he is caught and executed. It doesn’t matter to him. The cause he is fighting for is much larger than any one person—or so he thought.

Raia Glossman doesn’t know what to think when she is hired by the strange, purple-skinned aliens. After all, the Marastin Dow are known for their cutthroat, kill anything-that-moves mentality. Why would they need a lone human woman to rescue their General? But credits are credits, and Raia never turns down a chance to earn a tidy sum. Besides, it seems like an easy job for her and her two innovative pets, Chummy and Pi. They’ll get in, rescue the guy, collect their credits, and disappear again. The three of them perfected that little trick years ago. This time however, she is on the run with an army of Marastin Dow warriors on her tail! Not to mention that she is stuck with a tantalizing General, and she discovers she is the new poster-girl for the Marastin Dow Revolution. So much for anonymity!

Behr knows the moment he meets Raia and her two pets that they are special. Can he keep them alive and safe against the massive army threatening to end their hope of a new way of life, or will the history of the Marastin Dow’s savagery doom them all?

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