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Dating? 16 Day Self Reflection Challenge

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"These questions are awesome in a kicking your butt, slap in the face with a bible kind of way." Dating Challenge Participant

I have created a 16 day dating challenge where participants receive Dating Questions for to answer and ponder for 16 days! But some of you want all of the questions NOW!! And we've created this ebook just for you! My heart is for us to be intentional, heal, glorify God in all we do, and not make dating/marriage/being single an idol.

What will you get?? All 16 Questions + "Sit in it" questions + personal stories + suggested scriptures on which to meditate + blogs + To do suggestions and much more! This is valued at $27!! And it's yours for FREE for a limited time.

HINT: Some of the questions could prove to be more challenging than expected. Please don't rush through. Be sure to invite a friend to join you because you need accountability and they might need these questions too....btw the friend can't be your boo!

What are others saying about these questions?

"As a single man not currently dating but open to it, I find the questions that Dr. Kristen Guillory ask in this challenge to be refreshing thought-provoking, and needed. I'm sure you think you've "heard it all before," but there are nuggets in here that will make you introspective. Take the time to ponder and then honestly answer these questions in light of your personal life and walk with Christ and I guarantee you will come out better than before." 32 years old single man"

"I am single. Full disclosure--when I agreed to look over these questions, it was the day after my first date with a potential new friend. It was awesome and this bend in the road was completely unexpected. So many reasons why my love life is like it is, so I felt like your questions were a reminder tap from God. He gives and then He reminds us of the greater picture." 38 year old single woman

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