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PAPERBACK: The Coyote Kings of the Space-Age Bachelor Pad

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Don’t call fanboys Hamza and Yehat “slackers.” They’re just way too smart for an idiot job market that has beaten them into space-dust. But when old enemies from high school, an ex-CFL leg-breaker turned health-food kingpin, a van full of psychedelic, mind-enslaving drug dealers, and a mysterious Ethiopian woman named Sherem with a centuries-old secret crush them like the walls of a Death Star trash compactor, Hamza and Yehat have only two options: Be awesome. Or die.


The Philip K. Dick Award
The Locus Best First Novel Award
The Compton-Crook Award

A top-ten book of 2004:

January Magazine, fiction
Barnes & Noble, SF&F, SF&F
SF Site, SF&F, Editor's Choice
A Locus Notable Book
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