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Anthro Bunny Base!

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Anthro Bunny Base!

- Mouth and Paw detail shot.
- Colour pallet for references.
- Masked layers for easy colouring.
- Vector line art for Clip Studio Pain useers.

This base has;
- 5 Eye styles.
- 6 Hair styles.
- 8 Ear syles.

This base can be used for the following:
Line art and Character Bases may be used to create custom characters, designs and adoptables for yourself and others.  
Line art and Character Bases may be used to create Custom Characters, designs and adoptables for sale to others. 
Line art and character Bases can not be used for other unlisted commercial purposes.
Characters, Designs and customs created with these bases may not be used in commercial media of any kind, eg, books, video games or comics. 
You may edit the files and base line art as you see fit. 
Credit must always be included to the Artist even if edits are made to the line work.
At no point can Line Art files as they are sold be redistributed.
You will get the following files:
  • CLIP (368MB)
  • PSB (27MB)

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