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How To Pivot Your Mindset

Six-part video series

Over 100 minutes of insights, exercises and useful tips

Packed full of helpful resources to support your journey to enhance your transformational thinking.

Contents include:

Part 1: How Change Impacts Your Mindset

Part 2: Ways to Pivot Your Mindset Swiftly

Part 3: Human Needs

Part 4: The Four Pillars of Happiness

Part 5: How Your Contribution Can Make A Difference

Part 6: How To Hack Your Thinking Cycle

Total Running Time: 1h 46m 47s

How Change Impacts Your Mindset

Part 1 examines the impact of change on your mindset - including the change curve, a model of the conscious mind, unconscious mind and superconscious mind. Plus you will learn about the effect of tension and resistance to change, which can lead to dysfunctional behaviour.

Ways To Pivot Your Mindset Swiftly

In Part 2 you will be exploring how vibrational energy affects your emotions and discover ways to raise your vibration. You will learn more about the importance of vibration in pivoting your mindset - including the work of Christie Marie Sheldon and Dr Joe Dispenza.

Human Needs

In Part 3 you will discover more about human needs - including Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs. You will be learning how the pandemic may have triggered your reptilian brain and how a sense of belonging and contribution can make a difference to your mental well-being.

The Four Pillars of Happiness

In Part 4 you will discover useful insights into the Four Pillars of Happiness and learn about the importance of aligning with your values. This video Includes several useful and practical exercises of personal reflection - plus a helpful exercise around your values.

Your Contribution Can Make a Difference

In Part 5 you will be exploring the importance of how your contribution can make a difference. You will be examining your strengths and making a list of your attributes. When you align your strengths, happiness and values you hit the sweet spot to greater fulfilment.

How to Hack Your Thinking Cycle

In this final video you will learn about the importance of beliefs, how to hack your thinking cycle and there is a summary of the whole series. This video contains really valuable insights into the Thinking Cycle and description of an individuals life inside the matrix!

Six-Part Video Series

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Six-part video series: How to Pivot Your Mindset

Total Running Time: 1h 46m 47s