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Dragnet, syndicated as Badge 714, is a radio and television crime drama about the cases of a dedicated Los Angeles police detective, Sergeant Joe Friday, and his partners. The show takes its name from an actual police term, a "dragnet", meaning a system of coordinated measures for apprehending criminals or suspects.
was perhaps the most famous and influential police procedural drama in media history. The series gave millions of audience members a feel for the boredom and drudgery, as well as the danger and heroism, of real-life police work. earned praise for improving the public opinion of police officers.
Actor and producer Jack Webb's aims in were for realism and unpretentious acting. He achieved both goals, and remains a key influence on subsequent police dramas in many media.

The show's cultural impact is such that even after five decades, elements of are known to those who have never seen or heard the program:

* The ominous, four-note introduction to the brass and tympani theme music (titled "Danger Ahead") is instantly recognizable (though its origins date back to Miklós Rózsa's score for the 1946 film version of The Killers).
* Another trademark is the show's opening narration: "Ladies and gentlemen: the story you are about to hear is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent." This underwent minor revisions over time. The "only" and "ladies and gentlemen" were dropped at some point, and for the television version "hear" was changed to "see". Variations on this narration have been featured in many subsequent crime dramas, and in satires of these dramas (e.g. "Only the facts have been changed to protect the innocent").

The original starring Jack Webb as Sgt. Friday ran on radio from June 3, 1949 to February 26, 1957 and on television from December 16, 1951 to August 23, 1959, and from January 12, 1967 to April 16, 1970. All of these versions ran on NBC. There were three feature films, a straight adaptation starring Webb in 1954; a TV-movie produced in 1966; and a comedy spoof in 1987. There were also television revivals, without Webb, in 1989 and 2003. A newspaper comic strip version of Dragnet, written by Jack Webb and Joe Scheiber, ran in newspapers from about 1952 to 1955.


49-06-17 ep003 Production 3 aka The Werewolf
49-07-07 ep005 The Helen Corday Murder
49-07-21 ep007 Attempted City Hall Bombing
49-08-04 ep009 Benny Trounsel - Narcotics
49-08-25 ep012 Police Academy - Mario Koski
49-09-03 ep014 Eric Kelby - Body Buried In Nursery
49-09-10 ep015 Sullivan Kidnapping
49-09-24 ep017 Brick-Bat Slayer
49-11-24 ep026 Mrs. Rinard Albert Barry - Mother-In-Law Murder
49-12-08 ep028 George Quan - The Jade Thumb Rings
49-12-22 ep030 22 Rifle for Christmas
50-02-09 ep036 The Big Girl
50-02-23 ep037 The Big Grifter
50-03-09 ep039 The Big Thank You
50-03-16 ep040 The Big Boys
50-03-23 ep041 The Big Gangster Part 1
50-03-30 ep042 The Big Gangster Part 2
50-04-06 ep043 The Big Book
50-06-01 ep051 The Big Fake
50-06-29 ep055 The Big Grab
50-07-06 ep056 The Big Frame
50-08-10 ep061 The Big Actor
50-09-21 ep067 The Big Pair
50-11-23 ep076 The Big Betty
50-12-14 ep079 The Big Break
51-01-04 ep082 The Big Holdup
51-01-18 ep084 The Big Dance
51-02-08 ep087 The Big Cast
51-02-15 ep088 The Big Crime
51-03-15 ep092 The Big Ben
51-06-14 ep105 The Big Building
51-06-21 ep106 The Big Run
51-06-28 ep107 The Big Cliff
51-07-05 ep108 The Big Love
51-07-12 ep109 The Big Set-Up
51-07-19 ep110 The Big Sophomore
51-07-26 ep111 The Big Late Script
51-08-09 ep113 The Big Screen
51-08-16 ep114 The Big Winchester
51-08-23 ep115 The Big In-Laws
51-08-30 ep116 The Big Crazy
51-09-06 ep117 The Big 17
51-09-13 ep118 The Big Waiter
51-09-20 ep119 The Big Sour
51-09-27 ep120 The Big September Man
51-10-11 ep122 The Big Shoplift
51-11-08 ep126 The Big Hit and Run Killer
51-11-22 ep128 The Big Hands
51-12-27 ep133 The Big Sorrow
52-01-03 ep134 The Big Red Part 1
52-01-10 ep135 The Big Red Part 2
52-02-14 ep140 The Big Phone Call
52-02-21 ep141 The Big Producer
52-04-10 ep148 The Big Show
52-07-03 ep160 The Big Trio
52-11-16 ep178 The Big Walk
53-10-06 ep216 The Big Little Mother
53-12-22 ep227 The Big Little Jesus
54-03-02 ep237 The Big TV
54-08-03 ep259 The Big Stand
54-09-07 ep264 The Big Trunk
54-10-12 ep269 The Big Tarbaby
55-02-01 ep285 The Big Bird
55-02-22 ep288 The Big Slug
55-03-08 ep290 The Big Father
55-03-15 ep291 The Big Set
55-03-22 ep292 The Big Talk
55-03-29 ep293 The Big Death
55-04-05 ep294 The Big No Tooth
55-04-12 ep295 The Big Tie
55-04-19 ep296 The Big Deal
55-04-26 ep297 The Big Child
55-05-03 ep298 The Big Momma
55-05-10 ep299 The Big Revision
55-05-17 ep300 The Big Squealer
55-05-24 ep301 The Big Siege
55-05-31 ep302 The Big Sisters
55-06-07 ep303 The Big Limp
55-06-14 ep304 The Big Fall Guy
55-06-28 ep306 The Big Convertible
55-07-05 ep307 The Big Rush
55-07-12 ep308 The Big Genius
56-05-22 ep353 The Big False Move

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