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The Self-Publishing Pack (WH Self-Study #3)

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The Self-Study Pack includes four full seminars that were originally produced for my Writers' Huddle members-only site, and which are now available on a self-study basis.

The seminars are:

12 Writing Milestones to Celebrate on Your Path to Success, covering:

  • Why it’s important to celebrate small wins, not just big achievements
  • Early milestones on your writing path, like finishing a short piece or joining a group
  • Later milestones you might be getting close to, like finishing a novel draft
  • How to get moving on each of the 12 milestones, if you’re stuck

How to Use Styles in Microsoft Word (and Why You Should) (video), covering:

  • What styles are … and how they might help your writing in ways you haven’t considered
  • Formatting a blog post using basic styles
  • Setting up your own custom styles
  • Using styles to get your book manuscript ready for agents or editors
  • How styles make it easier to self-publish on Kindle

How to Publish an Ebook on Amazon (video), covering:

  • What you need to have ready before uploading your manuscript
  • How to use the KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) site to publish an ebook
  • Key issues to watch out for when previewing your ebook before publication
  • Why you should join Amazon’s Author Central, and how to use it

Crafting a Blurb for Your Self-Published Novel, with Bryan Cohen, covering:

  • The difference between a blurb and a synopsis
  • A basic framework for a great blurb
  • Using reader feedback to enhance your blurb
  • Utilising other elements on your book page to drive sales

All seminars are audio mp3s unless otherwise indicated. Each seminar comes with a full, nicely edited transcript, plus a downloadable worksheet that includes a summary and suggested further reading.

You will get a ZIP (210MB) file
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