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How to get great ukulele tone - with discretionary tip - for live lesson 17 Aug 22

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These are the worksheets for Matt's live YouTube workshop on the 17th August 2022 at 3:30pm GMT. 

By popular demand in this next workshop we’ll be exploring how to get the best tone out of your ukulele. As ukulele players we’re often searching for that perfect uke that will have great tone, or trying endless brands of strings (and as you’ll see - there are valid reasons for this.) Often, though, we forget the most important factor in tone production - ourselves! We’ll chat about uke types, strings and woods but we’ll also dig deep into ukulele technique to get you sounding superb. We’ll also learn the simple but lovely chord melody Matt uses to demo uses in the shop - his ‘Sigh Waltz.’

The worksheets for this one contain a full score of Matt’s chord melody piece ‘Sigh Waltz’ in standard notation and tablature.

These worksheets include everything you'll need to take part with some really useful resources that will be useful for so much on your ukulele journey.

The live link to the workshop is here:

It can be watched back afterwards as many times as you like.

This option includes a tip for Matt and helps support those that can't afford to pay for the worksheets. Thanks fo your support!
You will get a PDF (9MB) file
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