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How To Kick-Ass In Class - 17 Study Strategies That Make Learning Easy

Learn more.

Score higher.

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This is the expanded copy of How To Kick-Ass In Class but regular readers might know it as KAIC. :)

What are you going to learn:
  • Learn how to develop an in-your-face explosive motivation (page 8)
  • Get programmed for automatic studying (page 16)
  • Never need an all-nighter ever again and get better grades for it (page 21)
  • Learn when it’s logical do skip work - and how to know what you can’t afford to screw up (page 26)
  • How to not waste your time with a subpar learning style (page 31)
  • Learn the most powerful scientifically-tested memorization strategies (page 38)
  • A simple no-nonsense solution to develop unrelenting focus (page 43)
  • If you’re bored studying then you probably don’t know this strategy… (page 48)
  • Learn the most effective way to stretch your mind for accelerated learning (page 54)
  • How to turn reading into an active recall experience (page 59)
  • The #1 mistake “good” students make (that makes them miserable) (page 64)
  • How to make confusing topics stick in your brain like they’re glued there - used by memory champs around the world (page 69)
  • How school can’t teach you - and how you can exploit it for a higher grade (page 74)
  • The common-sense killer that too many students bomb on but this can fix (page 79)
  • A lizard brain trick for laser-honing on your goal until you achieve it (page 84)
  • How to focus on school less while improving your results (page 89)
  • My one personal secret that provides me a primal, automatic, and commanding reason to learn - the pleasure from this just seems to get better with time (page 95)

Don't take our word for this stuff. You can find Smart Student Secret featured on: The Huffington Post, LifeHack, and Psychology Today

We had students taking classes from MIT to India enjoying our stuff. 

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Here is what you get:
  • 103 page ebook in pdf, mobi, and epub format.
  • KAIC also in audiobook format. (MP3s in a zip file.)
  • 90 Day Grade Improvement Guarantee
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You will get the following files:

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  • ZIP (142MB)
  • PDF (539KB)
  • DOCX (8KB)

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