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Power of Love

Loving Relationship hypnotherapy programme

Power of Love Hypnotherapy Programme

A series of hypnotherapy downloads to bring love into your life. Beginning with self love and moving onto a more general ability to attract both paternal and romantic love.


6 Hypnotherapy downloads

2 Bonus lessons

Duration: 6 weeks


You could pay $150 for a live consult and session once a week for 6 weeks, ($900) or you can take the Power of Love into your own hands and listen to each download 7 days a week in your own time (one off payment of $50)

The Price of the Power of Love

Love Attraction Series


Course curriculum

Lesson 1: Understanding Hypnotherapy

Lesson 2: Acceptance of Self hypnotherapy download

Lesson 3: Releasing the Ex hypnotherapy download

Lesson 4: Self Love hypnotherapy download

Lesson 5: Clearing Emotional Baggage hypnotherapy download

Lesson 6: Creating Connection hypnotherapy download

Lesson 7: Law of Attraction hypnotherapy download

Lesson 8: Bonus - copy of Single & Fabulous e-book

Lesson 9: Bonus - Spotify Love Attraction playlist link