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Business 20/20 Non Profit Organization

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Congratulations on taking one of the biggest steps in your vision in LEGALLY creating your Non Profit Organization. We have taken the majorty of the research and work out of the process. Enclosed you will find the basic forms with instructions that you need for the process. Enclosed you will find word docs that are editable and a pdf that is editable or you can choose to download a clean copy and follow line by line with what has been provided. In this packet you have been provided:

1. Instructions for Mailing
2. Sample Articles of Incorporation
3. Sample Bylaws
4. Sample Form 1023 (IRS)
5. Sample Extra Paragraphs
5. 990 Form Instructions for Filing Yearly Taxes
6. 990 Form
7. Instructions on How to Maintain Your Organization's Compliance

* This packet normally is priced at $1500.
*If you have any additional questions, concerns or need help with the process you can always set up a consultation appointment.
You will get the following files:
  • DOCX (13KB)
  • DOCX (17KB)
  • DOCX (29KB)
  • PDF (17MB)
  • DOC (28KB)
  • PDF (588KB)
  • PDF (349KB)
  • DOCX (17KB)

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