Dr. Chiffon R. Foster

After over 20 years of active ministry, Dr. Chiffon Foster has been deemed as a trusted voice in both the sacred and secular. She is a servant leader in the Body of Christ with a consistent and sound history of planting, leadership training and development, apostolic oversight and covering. Dr. Foster walks in an apostolic grace that has transformed the lives of those she has been assigned to.

She has trained other prophets throughout the years in how to hear accurately, prophetic protocol and maintaining prophetic integrity. As a prophetic intercessor, she strongly believes in governing the Heavens through prayer and fasting. Her understanding and manifestation of the Kingdom can be strongly experienced in any atmosphere she encounters.

 Dr. Foster has been called to serve humanity, therefore, her purpose extends beyond the four walls into the world at large. You can find her advising, coaching and consulting those in the Market Place. Corporations, professionals, and business owners have been the benefactors of the gifts she has to offer. She is unapologetic about the role she must fulfill in the Market Place and is highly respected by those who have taken advantage of her services.

Her business acumen is second to none and her portfolio is only a testament to Kingdom living. Her education includes an earned Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Masters degree in Religion. An Honorary Doctorate degree was bestowed upon her because of the many years of service to the Body of Christ.

 Beyond her education, Dr. Foster believes in the power of God with the demonstration that follows. Her love for people and humility has been the catalyst to shift environments and atmospheres. You will not be disappointed as you experience God through this vessel.