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The time has finally come when you can design the life you've always imagined and live in abundance which is your birthright by transforming your mind, reigniting your financial confidence, operating in your gifts, and living a fulfilled life. 

The Financial Self-Care Planner is a system that supports you in evolving financially and becoming more intentional with positioning yourself for prosperity. 

With your Financial Self Care Planner you will receive for FREE the Financial Self Care Planner Tutorial. You will also receive for FREE  Financial Freedom Starts Here Master Class (2 hours of gems to launch you to the next level financially). You will also receive for FREE Securing the Bag ebook! Step-by-Step Guide To Help You Save and Secure $1k in 30 Days.

Inside the Financial Self-Care Planner are sheets that support you on your financial freedom journey. Your planner includes the following: 

  • FREE Financial Self-Care Planner Video Tutorial 
  • FREE Financial Freedom Starts Here Master Class (2 hours of gems to launch you to the next level financially)
  • FREE Securing the Bag ebook! Step-by-Step Guide To Help You Save and Secure $1k in 30 Days
  • Vision For Your Finances - Because clarity in the vision accelerates the goal)
  • Personal Financial Self-Care Goals - So that you know what you're working towards
  • Believer Bigger Faster - To collapse decades into days to achieve your financial goals
  • Affirmation - To speak over yourself daily regarding your finances
  • Spiritual Law - And how to use it to work for you and not against you
  • The Woman You Have To Become - To mind, manage, and multiply your money
  • Financial Self-Care TEA - Time and self-management 
  • Must Have Accounts - To support your financial freedom journey
  • Savings Planner and Goals Tracker - To build your reserve 
  • Know Your Numbers and Expense Tracker - To reduce debt in a timely manner
  • Your Gifts Will Make Room For You - No explanation needed
  • Leverage and Legacy - To leverage credit and leave a legacy with insurance
  • Financial Self-Care Activities - Creating healthy habits to support you in financial freedom and abundance
  • 12-month updated calendars - To plan your month accordingly
  • Self-Care Activities - Because we prefer balance over burnout
  • 12-Month Meal Planner - Because wealth is not just about money, it's about your wellbeing 
  • Budget Planner - To create a spending plan that supports your financial freedom journey
  • Credit Report Dispute Organizer - To help build or rebuild your credit
  • Monthly Review - Because tracking your progress is vital to your financial success

You are worthy of the Financial Self Care you desire. Start designing your life and positioning yourself for prosperity today! 

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