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365 Positive Spiritual Quotes - Daily Quotes About Conscious Living

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Transform your life one day at a time. Receive a daily pointer to the wisdom within - a wisdom that is always waiting for you to notice. Receive daily encouragement to let go of "the thinking" - the struggle and the suffering. Receive a daily invitation to "reset", to return to yourself, and to remember Your True Nature...

That's what's on offer here. This book of very carefully curated inspirational quotes enables you to let daily life transform you - consciously and positively so - and it does so via daily inspirational reminders that you are capable, creative, and already complete.

You'll get quotes from the likes of Albert Einstein, Byron Katie, Jeff Foster, Wayne Dyer and Rumi. You'll get paradoxical quotes, practical quotes and quotes that relate to The Inside-Out Understanding. You'll get quotes about you.

Transform yourself every day, then – be positive, happy, AND the change you wish to see in the world – all via this conscious living quotes book.

Ready for the transformation to begin?
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