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Diana's Path

This is a female-only mentoring program in the Dianic Tradition providing theoretical and practical fundamental knowledge for both solitary and group practice.

Each lesson is 75 minutes long.

Main topics:

  • Personal transformational work
  • Dianic belief, structure and cosmology
  • The Goddess
  • Magical theory and practice
  • Techniques of female awareness
  • Dianic sabbats
  • Esbats, moon phases and their influences
  • Dianic altar and magical tools
  • Ritual structure

Dianic Female Spirituality

One of the purpose of my life journey as spiritual being in a female embodiment is to be a channel and a voice for the conscious Light. I have been called to guide and create enlighten moments where women can reconnect with the absolute, heal, experience sacredness, develop awareness and the clarity to see and walk their own path […]

Payment plan

Single Lesson


Set of 3 Lessons


Set of 7 lessons


Before you start...

Please fill out the form below. You will be invited to set a free introductory meeting necessary to understand if my mentoring program is suitable for your needs.

Accordingly to the principles of Dianic Tradition you need to be an adult female (biological woman) to follow this mentoring program.

Your mentor reserves the right to:

Refuse to teach this mentoring program to biological males, minors, women showing harassing, stalking, bullying, illegal or indecent attitude/behaviour.

Stop to teach this mentoring program to mentees showing harassing, stalking, bullying, illegal or indecent attitude/behaviour.

Postpone lessons if necessary.

You have no obligation to complete the mentoring program if you do not wish to continue, but the purchase of one or more lessons is not refundable, you will eventually be able to postpone lessons within 6 months from the payment date.

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Pit1233, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Britt Reints, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons