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Language Learning Hub


Language Learning Hub

This Hub was thought as a digital place for everyone trying to learn a foreign language on their own or through classes. I created it to help you succeed at your skills in whatever language you are learning through the different digital products I designed for aspiring polyglots like you!

Bonus: You will receive a pdf with a secret link and password to an exclusive page at my website. In that page, you can download free printables and listen to some audios I recorded for my customers only.

IMPORTANT: As I have added (and will continue to add) new products to the Language Learning Hub, the price of it will increase from time to time. Make sure to purchase before that happens!

Note: As a customer of the language learning hub, you have a $20 off in the Ultimate Polyglot Girl Course ( After you purchase the language learning hub, send me an email to hello [!at] or a DM to my Instagram @blissogirl. Tell me your name and mail and I will send you your coupon code!


✨ What printables does include your purchase?

-Sweven: Practical Workbook to learn any language ($20)
-Practical Workbook To Learn Any Language Feminine Edition ($15)
-Practical Workbook To Learn Any Language Minimalist edition ($13)
-Ebook: My Hacks To Learn Any Language ($5)
-Blissful Organization Planner: Languages Lover Version ($9) (This planner is like a regular one with goal setting pages, habit trackers, daily organization, etc. BUT includes a section for language learning organization)
-Set of Stickers for language students ($5)
-Set of Checklists for language students ($5)
-Language Learning Bullet Journal ($7)
-Language learning binder pages ($7)
-Language Curriculum Maker ($7)
-Language 2020 Schedule ($7)
-Access to the Language Learning Hub, which includes some extra bonus printables plus any new product related to languages that I create in the future.

In total the printables included in the Language Learning Hub is priced at $100 dollars, but you can have it for only $49 today!



-Will I receive any physical object?

No, this Hub is only digital. You will be able to download PDF printable versions of each digital product. If you download files from Payhip, I recommend you do it to your computer! For some people, it is hard to download to their cellphones.

-What exactly is the Hub?

The Hub is a secret place on my website where you will have full and lifetime access after you purchase. There you will find the three main products (which you will also be able to download through Payhip). And as a bonus, the hub will also include a Set of Weekly Language Learning Checklists to motivate you to learn through modern activities. You will also be able to download a Set of Stickers for Language Learners, so that you can decorate and organize your notebooks or any other stationery you have!

Apart from those products, you'll have access to any new language learning product I create in the future, as well as freebies or printables! You can also submit your own requests of the printables or products you would like me to create. Isn't that awesome?

-How many times can I print and use the products?

As I just said, you can print and use the products of the Hub as many times as you want! The only thing you cannot do is sell to others. They are for your personal use.

-Can I get my money back after purchasing?

As the Language Learning Hub is a digital product, you cannot return it nor get your money back. I won't accept refunds because when you purchase you already have my product, so it is kind of unfair to give it for free after all of the months I have been working on each item. Please do not request refunds! What you can do is request products that you would like to see in the Language Learning Hub! Remember every month I am giving new printables for free to my customers, so you can ask me to create something you would like to have! (On the Language Learning Hub there is a button for you to make your requests ❤)

-Can I upload posts or stories of how I use the products?

Of course! You can upload stories and posts wherever you want to. I would be very glad to see the creative ways you use my designs and products, so feel free to upload pictures and stories to Instagram tagging me or using the hashtag #blissogirl, I will absolutely follow you back, like and comment ❤ (


✨ This Hub is perfect for you if:

A) You are in love with languages and want to be a polyglot someday.

B) You are an autonomous learner and need products specially made for language learners to motivate you to reach your goals.

C) You already are a polyglot and would like to try new methods of learning.

D) You love stationary and think these products will be a cool complement to your studying items.

E) You need to be more organized in relation to your studying sessions.


As an extra tip, I recommend you print the pages you like the most or the ones you think will be more useful to you at the moment so that you don't waste ink in pages you won't use. Anyway, if you wish to print the whole workbook or planner, do it and enjoy them all!


For any question related to the Language Learning Hub, you can contact me through Etsy, on my Instagram account ( or my email (

You will get the following files:

  • PDF (2MB)
  • PDF (6MB)
  • PDF (3MB)
  • PDF (492KB)
  • PDF (2MB)

$ 49.00

$ 49.00

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