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Adopted: Knowing God as Father (Spiritual Growth Course)

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ADOPTED: Knowing God as Father is a Holy Spirit Boot Camp(TM) spiritual growth course that breaks you out of the mindsets and bondages of rejection, abandonment and being a victim. God has always planned to call us His sons and daughters and we need proper revelation of what all that means so that we can approach Him as such and receive of everything that comes from belonging to Him. This is one of my favorite courses - if not my absolute favorite - because as I taught it I received a new freedom in my soul that allowed me to reach a higher elevation for my destiny. My destiny is great so I needed this breakthrough and I praise Him for placing it on my heart to impart this wisdom with others.



"I just wanted to let you know I am having the most beautiful time of worship, especially after watching Adopted pt2 today. It brought me back to a place of intimacy that I knew with God when I was a single mother, except it is even more meaningful now because I have greater revelation of who He is and I have studied the Word more intensely during the past year...but wow...I really needed this. I love hearing you talk about your experiences with the Father. I don't often hear people talk about Him that way, but you describe Him in the same way that I have come to know Him and I desire to know Him more deeply. I know that beyond anything I do, my mission is to draw people into relationship with the show them His Love and that it is possible to be intimate with Him and find love, joy, peace, and abundant life...I am so happy to receive deliverance from the cares of this world so I can really get back to enjoying my Father's presence. "


"Praise God! I started today's video almost 2 hours ago--had to stop a few times to digest what God was revealing to me.  Zari I had NO IDEA that whatever Jesus asked God for, I can ask Him for too!!!! So many revelations! My pen was flying through my journal; understood the orphan spirit truly in that moment. Ignorance of God's word and lack of spiritual knowledge (which may be the same) keep us in bondage under the orphan spirit! 

Worship was awesome! When I got back to this realm the video was over!  I was in a beautiful place. I saw all the intimate details of creation. I was in a meadow and...*getting emotional* that same God--Elohim created ME with that same amount of detail. So He WANTED me! God WANTED ME! Even if my earthly father didn't. I didn't know and it shaped my life.... Love you Zari! God may have created you because He wanted you but He knew the world would NEED you."
I did want to let you know that you were right about the Adopted course. This one ended up being the most important. Two things really hit my spirit:
Not knowing who I really was, I've always struggled with how to respond to situations. And the spirit of rejection...I don't even know where to begin. In this course I could literally see myself hovering over every situation in my past and can point and say "spirit of rejection". I spent my whole life in it. I realized it to some extent growing up but this course really opened my eyes."
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