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Getting Ready for Tahaawiyyah

A unique FIVE-HOUR Course to Get You Caught Up and Ready to JOIN US

At the Weekly Classes at al-Masjid al-Awwal in Pittsburgh

Taught by Ustaadh Moosaa Richardson

Learn About the Author of al-'Aqeedah at-Tahaawiyyah

Read along with Ustaadh Moosaa Richardson and take notes in your workbook. The biography of al-Imaam Aboo Ja'far at-Tahaawee (may Allah have Mercy on him) is read directly from Siyar A'laam an-Nubalaa'. You will also learn about the most famous scholar who explained this text, al-Imaam Ibn Abil-'Izz al-Hanafee. Challenging quizzes await you...

Valuable Resources at Your Fingertips

To prepare properly for this beneficial course, you will be tasked with various activities and challenges to help you navigate your way through the amazing resources available in our Tahaawiyyah workbook, like the fully vowelled, accurate Arabic text, as well as the isnaad (chain of transmission) and the complete original Arabic manuscript.

  • 76 Arabic & English points of creed
  • Live weekly classes
  • High quality MP3 recordings
  • Multimedia review activities
  • and much more...!

Allaahumma baarik, may Allah bless if for all of us!

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Course curriculum

In this five-hour interactive course, you will navigate your way through the modules below, in shaa' Allah. Take a moment to preview them. "Lesson 1 - Introduction..." is actually FREE, so feel free to give it a try without any commitment!

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