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Land For Beginners

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Land For Beginners a guide for those at the start of their journey of land ownership. I wrote this from my experiences buying land and some of the challenges I've faced and how to overcome them. It's daunting to go into looking for your first parcel of land to call your own when you have little to no knowledge on what to look for. Think about all the time and frustration you can save with our guide walking you through common and not so common challenges you may face. 

In this e-book we cover: 
  • Types of land and their usage
  • Enviromental challenges
  • Water Rights
  • Soil Health
  • Locating Land
  • Acquiring Land
  • How to make money from land
  • Locating mineral rights claims

This guide you will empower your land ownership journey. Don't miss your opportunity to learn directly from my experiences. There are resources placed throughout the book that will enhance what you'll learn. I know you will find this book impactful and full of actionable information.

Bonus: Land For Beginners Resource Guide By State & Assessing Raw Land 

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