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Concert music for 12 drummers with a mixture of fully scored and improvised (as smaller quartet group) sections with an approximate duration of five to six minutes. 

Beginner to intermediate standard with instrumentation of: four snare drums, three mid-range tom toms, drum set, three tenor drums (or floor tom toms) and bass drum.  The music is predominantly in simple time signatures with a compound 6/8 second section, this section can be omitted if it is too advanced for the performers.

A guide to the rhythmic improvisation is included to stimulate ideas for the three small ensemble improvisation sections which feature: the snare drums, the tenor drums or floor toms and bass drum and the tom toms with drum set.  Each solo section should last between 40 seconds and one minute.

2MB download includes includes score, parts and the improvisation guide in 48 A4 pages.

You will get a PDF (2MB) file
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