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This is NOT your typical devotional book! This book will point your mind in new directions. You will see familiar Bible passages in entirely new ways. You might have heard the Christmas story dozens of times but I promise you that you have not thought about these things.

This book will not make you feel better about yourself (or worse!). But it will get you to think more about the Lord. If the world seems to have lost its mind, what better way to reclaim your Christmas than to get your thoughts aligned.

Like Moses when he paused to look at the burning bush, what would you see if you took the time to rediscover your destiny?

Christmas can be a hectic time with lots of distractions. So why not carve a few minutes out of your day to focus your thoughts on the manger?

Did Mary and Joseph really stay in an inn? What exactly did the magi see in the sky that prompted them to make a five-hundred-mile journey across the desert? What are the backstories for the characters we often place in our nativity displays?

In this book, we will take a journey together to Bethlehem, Nazareth, and Jerusalem, pausing just long enough to recognize ourselves along the way. Instead of peace on earth, we’ll see a picture of family drama, chaos, and jealousy. The birth was messy. The child was in danger. Doubt and fear stalked the hearts and minds of those who dared to believe the Messiah had come.

Two thousand years have passed, but the world is still demanding an answer to a question: Is the manger a myth or a miracle? Take a month to strip away the commercialism and distractions to build your faith as you think about the real meaning of Christmas.
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