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LG 49UJ7507 UJ7500 TV - gaming picture settings - SDR (2017)

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 This is a list of settings that I have obtained after performing complete calibration on LG 49-inch 49UJ7507-ZB UHD LCD TV for SDR (standard dynamic range) gaming content. Calibration was done for HDMI limited range (16-235) YC signal, whitepoint target D65, Rec.709 colorspace, gamma 2.2 and peak luminance (full screen) cca. 287 nits.

Application examples: PS3, Xbox, PS4 Pro SDR gaming (having the console's Video Output Settings all set to Automatic).

Calibration was done on unit with software version: 03.60.09, webOS 3.6.0-207 (dreadlocks2-dorrigo).

This document also includes basic tips for HDR gaming.

Settings also applicable to other variants and screen sizes of LG UJ75 series TVs.


Settings are for reference only. There is no guarantee that they will give you the best picture which is inline with industry standards and suitable for your viewing environment, especially regarding 2/20 point White Balance and Colour Management System controls.

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