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Overcomers: A Children's Christian Mystery (Hardcover)

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A Beautiful Hardcover edition. 

#1 New Release in Children's Christian Mysteries Fiction.

Nine-year old Claudia-Rose lives in Serenade Creek, a town known for its beauty and peace, until an armed invasion kicked her life out of normal into frantic despair. A fight against fear took her to the brink of these choice: give in to fear, or fight off fear with the love of God to save the people of her lovely town. What will she choose?
Overcomers, a story which helps kids build faith, beat the fear within and keep fear off for good, is perfect for your child. Read Overcomers to your child today and help them overcome fear! Order for your children, children's church library, school, libraries, etc now!

Overcomers is USA Today Bestselling author Joy Ohagwu's first Children's fiction book with many titles in her grownup catalogue in Christian Fiction.

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Carolyn T.

1 week ago


This is a great book to teach children what to do when afraid. That Is to pray. Although written for children, great advice for adults.


1 week ago


A beautiful story that teaches children how to deal with fear and faith. Easy to read and understand.

Theresa Ajasa

1 week ago

Children Pilgrim

This is a fantastic book for children. It's also quite a good read for young adult. It's realy ageless when you think of our current spiritual state of nations.
It's another classic like - The Pilgrim's Progress. Highly recommended.


1 week ago

Wonderful book!

Throughout the story, Claudia-Rose learns to cast out her fear and place her trust in God. She learns that he will never abandon her and that God has created a lot of difficult situations but for those who place their trust in him they will overcome.

Overcomers is an excellent book for young children. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it to my young grandchildren. I especially enjoyed at the back of the book the Hebrews II chapter. It’s so convenient to be able to read one of the verses and then refer to a section in the story where that verse is applicable. Thus Overcomers is not only a story for young children but also a lesson book.
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