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The Sicilian's Betrayal

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The Sicilian’s Betrayal—a second chance at love. Elizabeth Ferguson believes that  Ricardo DiMarco does not want the child she carries…years later a chance encounter brings Liz face to face with the handsome Sicilian billionaire. He can never know she kept the child he did not want.
Ricardo has always lusted for the woman who left him to marry another man. Discovering her working in a jewelry store and single, he plans a tantalizing revenge. Getting Liz fired and seducing her with his expert touch is only the beginning. He won’t allow her to slip through his fingers this time. 
Elizabeth Ferguson never expected to see the handsome Sicilian billionaire a man she hated walk into the jewelry store where she works.
She never expected to spend Christmas in Sicily. When Ricardo DiMarco demands that they marry to give her son the father he longs for, she reluctantly agrees. NEW COVER, SAME GREAT STROY.
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