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How to Start Making Money Writing Online Today!

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You’re looking for a great online money making opportunity! Right? I understand, six years ago, the economy crashed along with my business, I needed money yesterday! But, I knew not just any opportunity would work!

  • Needs to be fast! I made $300 in my first week to keep the lights on!
  • Needs low start up cost! How does less than a McDonald’s value meal sound? ($3.95)
  • Needs to be simple! I made a **$1,000.00** this week for a four word slogan!

If you passed high school English, you can do this! After six years of freelance writing, I love my job!

  • I set my own hours, so I can be with my family!
  • I choose my own clients, no more Jerk bosses!
  • I set my own rates by what I think I’m worth!


Step by step instructions that will help you get started quickly and get you paid!

  • Over three hundred pages of real tips from a real writer who pays his bills writing online!
  • Over 500 links to free tools, magazines and websites that hire writers
  • Bonus book included in the file, "Write your first ebook in 7 days!"
  • The four best ways to write for money!
  • Three strategies for profitable article writing, choose the one that works best for you!
  • One site that pays daily straight to your paypal!
  • Bonus, when you order the guide, I will also send you a free book on how to write your first Ebook in seven days or less!

This is the freelance writer's bible you need to shortcut weeks of research and take you straight to the head of the line! In addition, It also includes a free report on the three things that all freelancers must have to get started as successful as online writers!

Don't take my word for it, see what just a few of the over 3000 readers of this guide had to say!

Praise for How to Start Making Money Writing Online Today!


Paul Mason

This book is worth the $5 just for the links in the back! I don't where you found them all, but I have gigs to write three articles for over $100 each, just from applying to sites you listed! Thanks!


Henry T.

Thanks, Mark. I recently was between jobs for three months. A friend told me about your book and it helped me make money from day one! This was just what my family needed to survive until I could find another accounting job.



Wow! This book really worked. I thought I was stuck making $1.25 for 500 words in a "content mill" but you gave me some new ideas about where to look and my writing business has taken off. I made over $600 last week and this week is going to be even better. I would recommend this book to anyone who has tried and feels stuck making less than minimum wage. I will never go back to punching a clock.


Josh P.

As a college student, I have to say, I was doubtful, but I took a chance! I needed to make a couple hundred a month to cover what my scholarships and aid didn't, without taking out loans. This book made that possible with my weird hours and I can work when I want. I'm working on breaking out of the cheap stuff this next month. I never would have known where to start without this guide!



I've been a freelance writer for a while and I got this book for free from a friend who wanted to know what I thought. I expected it to be the same useless stuff they always teach. But, it gives some really good starting points, so I came and paid for a download, because more stuff like this needs to be written for beginners. I even picked up a few tips that helped me land a new client! Nice job.

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