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Waldeinsamkeit Shawl Knitting Pattern

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Waldeinsamkeit = one of those untranslatable words; its definitions so wonderfully specific or complex enough that, when translated into another language, they require numerous words to express the same idea. In this case, the German word combines Wald (“wood”) and Einsamkeit (“loneliness”). Together, it literally translates to “solitude in the forest,” but that literal translation loses the word’s poetry.

I'm most happy with life when I'm surrounded by nature, especially when walking through the woods, soaking up the ancient energy of the trees. Taking the time to slow things down and look, feel, smell and consciously embrace nature. 🍂I feel centered, balanced and nurtured when I’m enveloped by trees.

How It’s Made

This top-down constructed crescent shaped shawl features squishy garter stitch sections interspersed with leaves and finished off with the word “woodland” as a lace stitch pattern created by Naomi Parkhurst. She has a unique technique of encoding words as numbers and then charting these. Learn more about her fascinating process here.

Designed by Linette Grayum

You will get a PDF (747KB) file

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