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Attract Your Soulmate (CD/Audio) - A Powerful Meditation, True Fairy Tale Love Story and Soulmate Mini Course

This audio/CD will help you to accelerate the manifestation process and bring your soulmate into your life quicker, easier and with more joy than ever before! Why wait any longer? Try it today!

- 😥 Are you currently heartbroken?

- 😥Have you been single for a long time and are sick and tired of the dating scene and want to finally be in a serious and commited relationship?

- 😥Do you think it's too late for you and that you'll never have a partner (and/or family)?

- 😥Are you tired of waiting for Mr or Mrs Right to appear in your life?

- 😥Are you confused as to why your relationships aren't, or haven't, been working out for you?

- 😥Do you feel worthless and unloveable? Does your heart hurt?

- 😥Are you feeling lonely?

- 😥Does the sight of other happy couples annoy you or sadden you?

- 😥Are you afraid that you'll never find true love and that you'll be alone/single for the rest of your life? (Hey, there's nothing wrong to being single if that's what you genuinely want but my guess is you're here because you want to be in a loving I right?!)

- 🤔 Would you like to learn some new tools and tips on how to attract your soulmate...and faster too?

If you answered YES to any of the above CONGRATULATIONS as you are in the right place as the universe has brought you to this page to receive a divine gift and I can help you! You see I was where you are and can totally relate to you but by doing this Soulmate manifestation process I am now living the life of my dreams (I have been married to my soulmate for over twenty years and we met in a truly a magical way, like a real life fairy tale) and I want to share all this magic with you so that you can live the life of YOUR dreams in a synchronistic, magical and miraculous way too! 

Read on.

Benefits that you can experience from listening to my Attract Your Soulmate album;

😍You will be able to remove certain blocks that are currently hindering your soulmate from entering your life so that he or she can finally enter and rock your world! 

😘You will be able to start enjoying a delicious, loving, genuine and commited relationship.

😍You will be more likely to meet, get engaged and/or marry your special someone in record speed.

😘You will never have to feel lonely ever again.

😍You will finally feel loved and accepted for who you really are, inside and out.

😘You will be able to enjoy fun times, good times , sexy times!, with your Mr or Mrs Right and create wonderful memories together 

😍You can live the life you've been dreaming about finally!

What you will receive;

There are three sections to my Attract Your Soulmate album;

💖1) A powerful soulmate meditation (in fact, the same one that I used to attract my soulmate to me that ended up in us marrying each other in record speed (only 4 months!)

💖2) My true fairy tale story about how I met and manifested my soulmate within 9 months and then married him swiftly after only 4 months, along with all the synchronicites and magic surrounding our encounter (by the way we have now been married for over 20 delicious and adventurous years)

💖3) A mini course where you'll get a taster of my main soulmate course that will be available for you in the future. This mini version includes some of the affirmations, tips, tools and important questions that you need to ask yourself in order to create a clear path for your soulmate to walk through...straight to you and your loving arms! I even share with you the one, most powerfully magical affirmation that I believe was the one to manifest my Soulmate to me in such a MAGICAL, BLISSFUL and FAST way! If you want to know what it is and use it for your own magical Soulmate manifestation just listen my meditation and course.

(*Please bear in mind that this is not the full course. This is just a taster of the full version video course that is coming soon!)

Why buy from or trust me?

I have been a professional life coach, therapist and intuitive counsellor for over 15 years and I have advised, taught and mentored many (thousands) of people from all the world both while I was working in Mysteries (Europe's leading metaphysical new age centre) as well as within my own private practice. My clients have included many well known celebrities, some of whom were also looking for love! I have been honoured to be part of their love stories by helping them to find true love and some, even to get married. However my strongest endorsement as to why I think you would benefit from listening to my CD is my own true love story which I wrote about in the book 'Pearls of Wisdom For Living a Richer Life'. 

Interested in taking the next step in your relationship with yourself and your perfect soulmate partner? Then make sure to purchase your downloadable Audio/CD today. Take a leap of faith and do it now...this is the courage muscle that you will need to attract your soulmate, especially if you've been hurt before in the past. Practice your courage muscle now by pressing the BUY NOW button! You'll be able to download my 'ATTRACT YOUR SOULMATE' album straight away onto any device that you have so that you can start practicing the tools, tips and techniques to start magnetising your special someone to you today!

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Introduction - 00:08
Attract Your Soulmate meditation - 00:32 
Our (true!) Love Story - 23:00
Mini Soulmate Course - 1:21:25
Closing - 1:36:39

* Please do not listen to this audio whilst driving or operating machinery.

*** DISCLAIMER: As with all my meditations, courses, products and services I do not guarantee that your results will be 100% successful or akin to my or anyone else's results as I can't guarantee that you, or anyone else, do the inner work required for outer change. This is up to you. How committed you are and how regularly you do the inner work is within your control. What I offer here are the tools, tips and techniques to get there. They've worked for me and for thousands of others so they'll probably work for you too BUT it's up to you to do the work to guarantee your own success! Sending you Love and Light  Renee x

You will get a MP3 (178MB) file

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£ 25.00

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