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Living With Sex - The Secret to Solving a Big F*cking Problem (The Vaginismus Book)

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Do you live like a virgin but long for a different life?
Do you feel fearful and anxious just before vaginal penetration? 

Do you avoid sex, inserting tampons, going for a pap smear because they hurt or you are scared stiff? 

Are you tired of making up stories about your sex life because your friends don’t know the truth?

One in ten women worldwide suffer from vaginismus, also called pelvic pain/penetration disorder, and can’t enjoy a ‘normal’ sex life. 

Dr Julia Reeve is a gynaecologist, psychotherapist and sexologist. Her mission is to help as many women as possible overcome this life-limiting condition, and her message is simple: ‘You can turn to the future with confidence and joy. Your relationships will become stronger and becoming pregnant and giving birth will no longer be a dream but a real possibility’.

Dr Julia Reeve has been helping women for over 25 years and has developed a treatment programme that works – fast. In Living With Sex, Dr Reeve sheds new insights on vaginismus – many unknown to health professionals, and shares her experience in treating women, as well as her unique, step-by-step process for overcoming the fear and pain of vaginal penetration. Use her treatment programme to open the door to a brand new future – one perhaps you didn’t believe possible: 
a pain-free and fear-free sex life!
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