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CMS303 MOD for Novation Circuit Mono Station

This is the perfect mix of classic TB303 analog acid sounds with next-generation state-of-the-art hardware: A great sounding fully sequenced paraphonic analogue ACID synthesizer you can play and feel for the first time like never before to take your acid production and live set up to the next level. 

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All you have to do is press the power switch and JUST PLAY. 
No pre-programming involved. 
Just switch it on to start feeling it’s vibes and creating music right away.

You can also add your favourite distortion, delay and reverb stomp boxes or plugins to make it more exciting and dive into the hundreds of new playing techniques that can be developed with the CMS303 mod on this beautiful analog hardware. 

It’s time to get those analogue acid basslines on your hardware live set in sync with all your gear or DAW.

The 64 patches you get with this mod are real tight, deep and sound so much better than the old hardware as the Circuit Mono Station is a far more expressive instrument and it’s a monster of a synth by itself.

Program your track’s basslines (or take them right from your DAW through USB), tweak and store them on different patterns and sessions to perform them live without all the well known painful hassle that programming a TB303 or storing your sequences in it can be.

Follow your intuition and expand your creative potential producing unique sounding acid basslines, leads or atmospheres with deep step automatisation of every parameter on the fly during live performances or tracking sessions.

The CMS303 Mod Includes:
-64 acid patches with all kinds of TB303 acid bass sounds and leads allowing in depth experimentation.
-A Hi-Hat/Snare patch to create cool and interesting grooves or intense drops playing with the ADSR envelope sliders.
-User manual with in-depth instructions to learn how to use it.
-Installation manual.

With your old TB303 you can’t / With your CMS303 you can

-Play and explore melodies with it like almost any other synth except the TB303.

-Explore melodies like never before playing it as an analogue acid synth using velocity for ACCENT as the CMS pads are super sensitive.

-Execute ACCENT or SLIDE notes as you perform live.

-Easily create new great sounding acid melodies or recreate old acid tunes playing with the 16 scale types available.

-Backup your track’s patterns and sessions to your computer or go back to your -regular CMS any time using Components. (not that you will ever want that but you can)

-Record sequences on the fly or live and save them forever (no “bye bye sequences” battery issues).

-Record patch flips during a sequence to achieve unique sounding sequences never explored before.

-Apply step based automation of every parameter (like overdrive, filter frequency swipes or any of the three distortion modes) to your sequence to create textures in your sound.

-Randomize your patterns or create really long sequences with big silent spaces in between to create deep atmospheres on your track.

-Patch velocity with the filter on the modulation matrix and play with the super sensitive pads.

-Modulate, evolve, process and experiment with the ModSeq to create the perfect sound you hear in your mind.

-Tweak all the different patches to your liking or modify the patches you don’t resonate with and make them your own.

-Add great sounding textures with ring modulation, play with glide or add some sub to create new sounds.

You will get a ZIP (10KB) file

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$ 25.00

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