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Confessions: Justin's Lust

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Forgive me my sins, for my body demands his touch.

Four years ago my life changed forever. I seduced Father Mateo, and my teenage body craved more. But he also inspired me to become closer to God, so I joined the priesthood. I took my promises to the church seriously, and knew in my heart that I’d never fall prey to the sins of the flesh again.
But how was I to know God decided our paths should cross once more. On retreat at a small monastery in the mountains of Virginia, the priest who still haunted my dreams, walked back into my life. Would I be able to resist my carnal urges, or give in to the ultimate temptation of knowing this man in the most primal way imaginable?

Justin’s Lust is the continuing story of two men destined to be together, and the only thing holding them apart are the vows they made to the church. This is the second book in the Confessions series, and it’s a raw and unprotected tale of lust and more.
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