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...BREATHE... solo guitar PDF

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"...BREATHE..." for solo classical guitar was written for Tom McKinney and supported by Psappha Ensemble. 

Over the last six months I’ve been slowly ‘un-plugging’ from technology: with so much forced online in 2020/21, I was inspired to go analogue elsewhere as much as possible. I've been sending handwritten postcards rather than chatting online, listening to CDs instead of streaming, and taking photos on film so I can leave my smartphone at home.

I also applied this to my creative practice, leaving my laptop lid shut so I could write with just pencils & paper. This physical connection to the music allowed me to sketch, annotate, and expand experimental ideas quickly and easily.

Without instant computer playback, I enjoyed relying on other skills like improvisation and listening with my ‘inner-ear.’ The resulting piece is quite unlike anything I’ve written before, and I absolutely love the direction this project has taken me in. This process has made me much more mindful about how and why I write music.

Having the freedom and support from Psappha & Tom McKinney to develop a piece slowly, deliberately, and thoughtfully has allowed me to try something completely new, and I can’t wait to apply this process with future works.

c. 5 minutes

Full PDF performing score, 8 pages.
You will get a PDF (680KB) file