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Captured by the Hawk

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Intrepid Irish spy tangles with notorious space pirate
Katrina Sligo leads a double life. She works undercover as Grey Kat, the interstellar thief, while she is also Mistress Trina, a welcome visitor in the Imperial court. Grey Kat is escaping with stolen codes when she is captured by notorious pirate, Captain Black Hawk, a stern man who hides his face behind a mask. In order to buy her freedom, she agrees to help him to steal one of the Emperor’s spaceships. But the heist goes terribly wrong. Soon, they are dashing across the galaxy with the Emperor’s troops in hot pursuit. The two fugitives struggle to escape and protect their secrets. Can they reconcile their differences in time to elude their enemies?
Grab your copy and dive into the comic misadventures of Grey Kat and Captain Hawk.
Book 1 of Second Chances in Space. Space opera mixing adventures and romance. 
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