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The Divine Glory of Christ. (1868)

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This Annotated PDF version of The Divine Glory of Christ [1868] is one of the selections in Strait Gate Publications' Annotated Theological Library, G. Wm. Foster, Jr., Ed. Copyright 2011 by Strait Gate Publications, Charlotte, NC.

A unique presentation "of indirect or incidental testimonies of Scripture to the Divinity of Christ. . . . I have . . . attempted to examine this department of proof with care; to arrange and classify those testimonies which have long, in my own reading of Scripture, seemed to me of most weight and interest; and, altogether, to give to this species of evidence a more prominent place than has for the most part been assigned to it. The thoughts . . . on the bearing of the unity of God as taught in Scripture on the proof of the Saviour’s Divinity, will not, so far as I am aware, be found elsewhere, and have for many years appeared to me to possess considerable importance, theologically and controversially. . . . I am very hopeful . . . of the Christian reader’s edification. . . . I think that, among other things, he will find not a few passages of the Word of God presented in lights and bearings somewhat fresh" (pages 6, 7). — The modern reader should bear in mind that the older use of the terms "divine" and "divinity" when referring to Jesus Christ as God, have generally given place to the term "deity."

This reset title was originally published in 1868 and is comprised of 120 pages; a Glossary of Terms and Phrases and an exhaustive Scripture Index have been prepared and included for this digital version.

This reset, modernized format version is internally linked for maximum maneuverability within the document.
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