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100% Vegan Meal Prep. Great for those who have a busy schedule & consistently workout. Everything is made fresh to order.
Every shipped order comes with dry ice to maintain freshness. Warm foods can be lightly reheated in oven/ microwave. Bring the meal prep food up to at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit. To kill off any bacteria & keep food fresh.
Meals last up to 2 weeks frozen & 1 week refrigerated between 34-40 degrees Fahrenheit.
Once your order is placed contact me via, socials, phone, or email to let me know what specific meals you’d like to have.
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What people are saying

Artboard 1

“I am so proud of you Lonnie!

These wings are bussin'. When I

mean good, I mean GOODT.

Texture is perfect, flavor is

perfect! You definitely did great!”


Artboard 1

“hey, I'm so about the late

update, but everything was so

good. (a) like I still have

leftovers left and it's still fresh. I

should've told you this was me

on Twitter!”


Artboard 1

“Today's update:

had the French toast and the

bagel. Added strawberry jelly.

FIRE. French toast blew me

away as well it's a favorite I'd eat

everyday. Eating the curry

tonight. I've been eating other

small meals in between so it's

lasting longer than I thought it

would. Portions are beyond