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Sex. Lily Morgan hasn’t had any since her husband ran off with his boyfriend. But where will she find a man willing to overlook chronic clumsiness, dimpled thighs, and cellulite?

Sex. Prince Alexandre Bellangere has too much. Sex, that is. Being treated as a sex object is becoming a pain in the ass. Heck, he’s more than just a pretty face and muscular body. Alex has brains and ambition.
But Dalcon princes are expected to have sex, mate and breed royal undergrowns. Determined to change his life, he sneaks from the palace and the planet disguised as plain Alex Bell.

Sex. Lily Morgan takes one look at the golden stranger and starts thinking “what if?”

Alex Bell takes one look at the curvy travel agent and reconsiders his stand on sex. Maybe.

Sex. Lily’s family is not happy about her mating with an alien they know nothing about. They decide to leave Killer, the talking dog, to keep an eye on the situation.

Take one chubby travel agent and an alien Dalconian prince in disguise, add in sex, laughter, endless possibilities. Combine and shake vigorously. Result…a true-blue love.
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Alien Encounter Bundle