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Have you dreamed of crossing a finish line but felt like you had no idea how to get from where you are now to the starting line? Whether it's a 5K or triathlon, this book will give you all the insights you need to make it to your first race. Even if you've never done anything athletic, completing a triathlon is in reach if you dedicate the time and put in the effort to "tri."

This book is also full of inspirational and motivational stories from women who not only successfully completed a race, but also found new confidence and overcame unhealthy lifestyle choices. Meant for each and every woman, this book is the perfect guide to successfully finish a triathlon with just a few months of effort and dedication. After a life-changing experience, the author went from a career-driven woman to a triathlon enthusiast, eventually turning her passion into a coaching career. Within this book she also shares the story of her own journey. After reading Courage to Tri, you'll be inspired to sign up for your first race and equipped to conquer it.

USA Triathlon coach and author Bethany Rutledge believed that crossing a finish line could change your life in amazing ways. Once an unlikely endurance athlete herself, she and her husband were co-owners of Atlanta Triathlon Club, a large triathlon community in Atlanta, GA, and Energy Lab, a cycling and coaching studio. Bethany was a two-time Kona qualifier and worked with hundreds of athletes as a coach. She regularly contributed to Triathlete Magazine, Women's Running Magazine, and Training Peaks. Bethany also co-hosted a weekly podcast, "Grit and Dirt," which showcased athletes who made huge life changes. Though Bethany tragically passed away in 2019, she inspired many with her courage, strength, and motivation, and her influence and heart will never be forgotten.
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