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Searching for Persephone by S.M. Perkins Carr - Paperback

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Self-doubting twenty-four-year-old Violet is shaken to the core by the sudden loss of her best friend, Persephone. Hoping to draw her out of a deep depression, her mother sends her to Crete, the Greek island she herself fled as a teenager. As Violet slowly heals, she strikes up an unexpected romance and begins to make plans for the future. But when the pandemic hits, her world is once again dismantled.

Searching for Persephone is a story of self-discovery and redemption in the midst of loss and defeat. Drawing on Greek myths, fairy folklore and quantum physics, the book explores themes of healing, cultural and personal identity, and the nature of perception and reality.

Customer Reviews

J. H.

1 year ago

A great read

What an epic and emotional tale, I couldn’t put it down. The story kept surprising me. It left me with a hankering to explore the locations which the author evokes so beautifully. This is an impressive debut novel.